SCOM 2016 Unix Linux monitoring

SCOM 2016 Unix Linux monitoring

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Hi all!, today I am going to write about Linux monitoring with SCOM 2016. Microsoft really improve this side of the SCOM, an here you have the steps!

Pre requisites:

  • Linux/Unix server (In my case is a CentOS server)
  • SCOM 2016 (Part I, Part II, Part III)
  • SCOM Account with Admin access to the UNIX/Linux server or “su” password.
    • Note: You can use a common user, and for the installation use the su password for only one time.
  • Port 1270 and 22 open in the Unix server.

Linux Monitoring

Importing the Management Pack

  • First of all, we have to import to SCOM the Management Pack for Unix/Linux computers, an as you now for my video “Create a custom Management Pack and an override“, we should install only the Management pack that we are going to use, in this case for example, we’ll not need the HP UX, or Redhat MP.
  • We go to Administration > Right Click > Import Management Pack > Add from Disk > Add the Management pack you are going to use.

  • Then we go to Administration > Resource Pool > Right click > Create resource pool and give a name for the resource pool
  • In pool memebership, click on Add and serach for our Management Server.
  • Click on Next and Create.
  • Now that we have our Management Pack and the resource pool, we go to Administration > Rick Click > Discovery Wizard and we select Unix/Linux computer.
  • In the next window, we click on Add
  • In discovery Scope, we add the IP of the server, Discovery Type “All computers” and click on Set credentials.

  • Click on “user name and password” and add our SCOM account of our Linux server.

  • If the account don’t have privileged access to the server, we change it for “This account don’t have privileged access” and a new tab will let us run the account with Sudo or Su

  • Then click on Apply > Save > OK and we select the Resource Pool that we previusly create.

  • Now we click in discover and wait the SCOM discover the server.
  • Once SCOM disover our server we click on Manage.

  • And that all we have our Unix server onborded in our SCOM 2016.
  • Now we create a run us account for our SCOM account of the unix Server.
  • Administration > run us account > Basic authentication > Next

  • And enter the credentials.

  • And then click on next and create.
  • Once we have the Action Account for Unix, we are going to assing it to the Unix Profile. For this we go to Administration > Run as configuration > Profile > Search for “Unix/Linux Action Account” > Right Click > Properties and in Run As account we are going to add our run as account for Unix/linux and distributed the account only for the computer that we need this account take affect.
  • And that’s all! we have our Unix/Linux computer in SCOM!

Let me know in the comments if you have any question.

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