SCOM 2016 – New Squared up Community license

SCOM 2016 – New Squared up Community license

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Hi All!, Today I have two things to write and they are from the same company, Squared Up.

For those who did not know, Squared Up is an awesome report tool based on HTML5, where with a few drag and drops we can see fast, beautiful and descriptive graphics with a simple integration with our SCOM environment and with a great integration with OMS too.

In addition, Squared Up creates its own Management Pack, all of which can be accessed for free:

Link 1:

Link 2:

Squared Up

As I said, Squared Up is a simple and quick tool to get reports from SCOM very very fast.

And we have different ways of creating Dashboards:

  • Status: Let us know the status of the server (Yellow, Red, Green, Not monitoring)
  • Alerts: The alerts of the server, group or class we configure.
  • Monitors: The active monitors that this server, group or class have activated and are in green, warning or critical state.
  • Dynamic tables: Let us now very quickly the state of the server, how many cores have, the Memory consumption and the CPU consumption.
  • Visio: Let us upload our own Visio dashboard.
  • Image: Let us upload or use a default image like a world map, and distributed the servers in the location we want.
  • SLA: Let us create a visual Service Level Dashboard of the application or service.
  • Web content: If we want to add a Web page and show the content in it.
  • SQL: Let us connect to a DB and create a Query.
  • SCOM task: Let us generate task and export this to a CSV file.
  • OMS integration: Let us integrate directly to OMS (Not need it SCOM) without another agent, to create queries and results in OMS

The best part? Microsoft and Squared Up launched a new Community Edition license which let us create up to three users for free with a few limitations, but FREE!

Reference link:

I really recommend you to test this. Let me know what you think,  and yes, I’m doing free advertising 🙂

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