SCOM Assessment with OMS

SCOM Assessment with OMS

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Hy Everyone! in this post I am going to write about the SCOM Assessment with OMS.

For that, we will need:

SCOM Assessment with OMS

Monitoring the SCOM servers with OMS

  1. Firts of all, we will need to create a Group in SCOM with all our SCOM infrastructure servers in it. For that, we open the Operation Console, we go to Authoring, and right click over GroupsCreate a new group.
  2. We write a name for the group, and in the Management Pack tab, we are going to click on New and create a new Management Pack for our OMS test evironment.
  3.  In the Explicit Group Members tab, we are going to add all the servers that are part of our SCOM evironment (Management Servers, Ops DB, DW DB, Gateway Servers, etc) and then go to the end and create the Group.
  4. After a few minutes, we will be able to see in our OMS workspace our Manegment Group connected to OMS and the amount resources connected to OMS.
  5. Now, we will need to set up a run us account for the SCOM Assessment, for that, we go to AdministrationRun as configurationAccounts.
  6. Right click in Accounts, and click in Create a run as account and distributed the new account to the Management Server(This account must be a domain account memenber of local administrator on all the SCOM servers like Ops DB, DW DB, Gateways servers, Managements Servers, etc, and it must be an Operation Manager Administrator)
  7. The, in Run as Configuration, click on Profiles and search for Microsoft System Center Advisor SCOM Assessment Run As. Right click and Properties and add the created Run as account
  8. Now, we are going to Enable the Assessment, for that we go to Authoring, and search for Microsoft System Center Advisor SCOM Assessment Run Assessment. 
  9. Go to Type: Management Server, right click over the rule, Overrides, Override the rule, For a specific object of class: Management Server
  10. We select one Management Server, then we Enable the rule and change the Frequency of the Run to 1440 minutes (1 day) that is the minimun supported.

SQL Configuration

  1. And finally, the last step, is to run an SQL Script in our SQL Server where we have the OpsDb and the DW DB:
    • — Replace <UserName> with the actual user name being used as Run As Account [Domain\User]
      USE master– Create login for the user, comment this line if login is already created.
      CREATE LOGIN [UserName] FROM WINDOWS–GRANT permissions to user.
      GRANT VIEW ANY DATABASE TO [UserName]– Add database user for all the databases on SQL Server Instance, this is required for connecting to individual databases.
      — NOTE: This command must be run anytime new databases are added to SQL Server instances.
      EXEC sp_msforeachdb N’USE [?]; CREATE USER [UserName] FOR LOGIN [UserName];’Use msdb
      GRANT SELECT To [UserName]

      –Give SELECT permission on all Operations Manager related Databases
      –Replace the Operations Manager database name with the one in your environment
      Use [OperationsManager];
      GRANT SELECT To [UserName]

      –Replace the Operations Manager DatawareHouse database name with the one in your environment
      Use [OperationsManagerDW];
      GRANT SELECT To [UserName]

      –Replace the Operations Manager Audit Collection database name with the one in your environment
      Use [OperationsManagerAC];
      GRANT SELECT To [UserName]

      –Give db_owner on [OperationsManager] DB
      –Replace the Operations Manager database name with the one in your environment
      USE [OperationsManager]

      ALTER ROLE [db_owner] ADD MEMBER [UserName]

Workspace view

  1. One day later (That’s the minimun required), and with the System Center Operation Manager Assessment feature installed in our workspace, we are be able to see information about the Assessment.

 Microsoft doc

Well my friends, have fun and try this solution! If you have any question, let me know!



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