Viewing the contents of a management pack

Viewing the contents of a management pack

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Hi All!, Today I am going to write about “Viewing the contents of a management pack“. Is very common that customers and also SCOM administrators don’t know how to properly view what a Management pack have inside, and for us it should be a must to know.

I think that there are a couple of tools that every SCOM administrator must have and one of them is our lovely MP Viewer.

MP Viewer is a great tool that let us understand and friendly view the contents of a Management Pack (Sealed or unsealed) and you can download it from this link

Using MP Viewer

Opening a Management Pack

So, once we downloaded MP viewer, we have to open the program and the first thing that we have to do is select the Management Pack that we want to view. At this point keep in mind that when you download a Management Pack you download librarys, examples, discoveries, etc, but if we want to check what the Management Pack is going to offer to you, talking about Monitoring, we should see the contest of the Monitoring Management Packs, as you can see in the below pictures, taking as example the SQL Management Pack.

Once we open the Management Pack, we are going to be able to explore a few things in the Management Pack:

So, at this point we are going to be able to understand, for example, what discoveries the Management pack do, which monitors are enabled or disabled by default, which monitors or rules are not generating alerts by default, which task the management pack run, etc.

And also we are going to be able to see the description of all the monitors, rules, task, discoveries, etc:

Finally, and for me the best of this program, you can save the information in an Excel spreadsheet or in HTML format.


I hope this information is useful for you and do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have.

Have a great week.

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